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heaven, the batteries of the Congress press start firing at full
blast, all over the world richly subsidized young Hindus burble
passionately about the Unity of India, and Gandhi takes to his
bed and refuses even to smell a banana.
What does it all mean ?

It means  of course  vested interests. The old bogy which is
also, unfortunately, a fact, the sinister fact that is behind so much
of the world's malaise.

For not the first time wo will permit India to accuse herself*
Here is the verdict of an authoritative spokesman of the Muslim
League :

'The real reason why the Hindus are so much opposed to
Pakistan is that it strikes at the root of their vested interests, and
shatters all their dreams of exploiting the entire sub-continent of
India. Their emphasis on India's unity and indivisibility is a
political stunt to stifle the national consciousness of Muslims for
their full share in the political and economic field/1

No man who is aware of the extent to which Congress is
dominated by the big bosses of Hindu business can possibly doubt
the truth of this assertion. Naturally, Hindu capital wants to be
complete master in its own house. Naturally, it wants to tighten
the screw on the teeming masses, particularly the Muslim masses.
It would. . .and will. . .fight to the death to retain and extend
its economic control over the areas which it is proposed to snatch
from its grasp. There is already great wealth in those areas, and
more is on the way. Bengal offers golden opportunities for in-
dustrialization, and would serve as a ready market to the agri-
cultural provinces of the west which, in their turn, are rich in
untapped resources  ore, minerals, forests, to say nothing of
millions of acres of some of the finest soil in India, particularly in
the Punjab.

Yes, the vested interests of Hindu capital will struggle against
Pakistan to the last gasp. And they will use every artifice of
diplomacy and propaganda to make the world ring with protests
against the 'mutilation5 of the Indian 'motherland.' They will
weep, they will wail, they will bribe, they will threaten  and, to

1 Pakistan and Modern In^ia^wiih a foreword by Quaid-I-Azam (Malabar Hill,